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Baka László | construction manager | 06-30/409-4550

Bakos János | technical preparer | 06-30/349-8352 | bakos.janos(kukac)ferroep.hu

Balla Szilárd | technical preparer | 06-30/515-5471 | balla.szilard(kukac)ferroep.hu

Battancs Jácint | architect construction manager | 06-30/525-8426 | battancs.jacint(kukac)ferroep.hu

Barta József | technical manager | 06-30/279-9072 | bartaj(kukac)ferroep.hu

Baté Roland | electricity construction manager | 06-30/279-0981 | bate.roland(kukac)ferroep.hu

Bodor Máté | technical preparer | 06-30/799-0238 | bodor.mate(kukac)ferroep.hu

Börcsök Róbert |architect construction manager | 06-30/525-8427 | borcsok.robert(kukac)ferroep.hu

Csapó Mihály | supplier | 06-30/525-8430

Geszti Mariann | assistant to the accountant | 06-30/799-0176 | Mellék: 133 | titkarsag(kukac)ferroep.hu

Gárdián Ildikó | technical preparer | 06-30/799-0174 | gardian.ildiko(kukac)ferroep.hu

Gyenizse János | technical preparer | 06-30/529-0883 | gyenizse.janos(kukac)ferroep.hu

Józsa László | architect chief construction manager | 06-30/228-4841 | jozsa.laszlo(kukac)ferroep.hu

Juhász Gergely | architect construction manager | 06-30/436-3111 | juhasz.gergely(kukac)ferroep.hu

Kovács Bence | construction manager | 06-30/799-0236 | kovacs.bence(kukac)ferroep.hu

Koponovicsné Kovács Piroska | accountant | 06-30/799-0187 | konyveles(kukac)ferroep.hu

Kőrösi Tiborné | technical preparer | 06-30/441-7743 | korosi.tiborne(kukac)ferroep.hu

Kun Sándor | assistant to the accountant | 06-30/436-3437 | Mellék: 133 | info(kukac)ferroep.hu

Laczkó Csaba | architect construction manager | 06-30/487-3718 | laczko.csaba(kukac)ferroep.hu

Makra József | electrician | Mellék: 126

Nagy-Berta János | machinery chief construction manager | 06-30/336-1930 | nagyberta.j(kukac)ferroep.hu

Nemesi András | corporate governance analyst | 06-30/858-0602 | nemesi.andras(kukac)ferroep.hu

Nemesi Kata | finance manager | 06-62/553-133

Nemesi Pál | CEO | 06-62/553-133

Nemesi Pál Gábor | machinery chief construction manager | 06-30/289-8520 | nemesi.p(kukac)ferroep.hu

Olajos Zoltán | technical preparer | 06-30/436-3847 | olajos.zoltan(kukac)ferroep.hu

Polgár Tibor | architect construction manager | 06-30/659-3906 | polgar.tibor(kukac)ferroep.hu

Sági Tamás | preparation team leader | 06-30/637-6385 | sagi.tamas(kukac)ferroep.hu

Somogyi Gábor | enterprise manager | 06-30/279-0982 | somogyi.gabor(kukac)ferroep.hu

Sós Attila | architect construction manager | 06-30/746-8954 | sos.attila(kukac)ferroep.hu

Szegedi István | electricity chief construction manager | 06-30/218-6277 | szegedi.i(kukac)ferroep.hu

Szegvári Imre | electrician | Mellék: 126

Szenti István | locksmith | Mellék: 126

Takács Roland | architect construction manager | 06-30/916-2319 | takacs.roland(kukac)ferroep.hu

Tar Tibor | electricity construction manager |06-30/799-0235| tar.tibor(kukac)ferroep.hu

Tilli Tamás | technical preparer | 06-30/799-0165 | tilli.tamas(kukac)ferroep.hu

Török Dániel | architect – construction manager | 06-30/947-3930 | torok.daniel(kukac)ferroep.hu

Varga Julianna | produktion preparer | 06-30/799-0168 | varga.julianna(kukac)ferroep.hu

Varga Tibor |architect chief construction manager | 06-30/915-6893 | varga.tibor(kukac)ferroep.hu


6725 Szeged, Kálvária sgt. 87/B

Phone number:06 62/553-133

TAX number: 11391069-2-06

EU tax number : HU11391069

Statistical number / KSH: 11391069-4120-114-06

Company registration number: 06-10-000170

TEÁOR (activity code): 4120

Chamber’s registration number: 34-A-00122

KÜJ (Environment protection customer identifier): 100373040

KTJ (Environment protection regional identifier): : 101431920


Main activity in the Construction domain (Preparation of permit-based and execution plan-documentation; Preparation of technological plans; Execution of the construction and fitting works)
Designing Designing (Tender plans, preparation of permit-based and execution plans; Preparation of construction, static, building machinery, electricity, interior design, technological and public utility plans)
General execution, construction – fitting (Execution of the construction and fitting works Execution of building machinery and electricity works; Installation of technology, implementation, training of the personnel; AC and air technique fitting)
Manufacturing(Manufacturing of electric distribution cabinet; Manufacturing of building machinery structures)


As one of the significant companies of the Hungarian construction industry the FERROÉP Fővállalkozó és Szerelőipari Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság (prime contractor and assembling private company limited by shares) is serving his clients efficiently, with responsibility and by providing competitive quality. We intend to keep strengthening our predictable and fair business relations – toward both the client and the competitors. We keep improving our professional knowledge in order to provide our partners with services of the expected quality. We intend to strengthen the bases of our stable business that is determining the cooperating attitude, preservation of the acquired values and the on-going technical development. We keep increasing the level of our services being adjusted to the market needs. We keep improving the quality by taking into consideration our clients’ satisfaction.


Simultaneously with the change of the company’s activity format – partly because of the stabilisation of the market situation and partly because of the top management’s commitment – at the beginning of 1998 the FERROÉP Zrt’s started to establish its quality assurance system according to the MSZ EN ISO 9002 standard’s model. One of the important elements of the company’s quality management system consists of the quality assurance procedural system related to the regulation of the execution processes that keeps being controlled. The quality assurance policy of the FERROÉP ZRt. consists of providing services that comply with the clients’ expectations, the contractual terms and conditions and the legal requirements. In order to achieve the goal the quality-thinking needs to be part of the daily routine at every division of the Company. In 1998 the documents that form the base of the quality system were issued were the managers that are directly affect the quality (Quality management manual, Procedural and technological instructions). The Company got into the certification phase by certifying the 5-month operation of the quality management system. In May, 1999 our company went through a successful certifying audit. The certificates approved by the TÜV Rheinland Kft. contain the definition of the standards that form the base of the audit, and they also contain the definition of the certificate’s scope within the activity. The company succeeded in passing the strict yearly audits. In the meantime the above certificate was replaced by the ISO 9001-2000 certificate required by the standard. According to the altered law and because of the changing competitive environment the ISO 14001 environment management system, too, was implemented in 2006. The ISO 14001 certification and the renewal of the ISO 9001-2000 certification of year 2006 was carried out within the CERTOP Kft system. Adjusted to the stricter work and health protection regulations and in harmony with the company’s people-oriented philosophy in 2010 we implemented the MSZ 28001:2008 (OHSAS 18001) workplace’s health protection and security management system, too, simultaneously with the renewal of the two existing and operating systems.


The legal predecessor of our company signed the articles of association about the establishment of the FERROÉP Kft. on January 1, 1990, with 8 private individual owners with an issued capital of HUF 1,300 thousand. The main activities consisted of construction, building machinery and electric designing and execution. At the end of 1995 it was obvious that the financing is rather difficult within the Kft., the fund raising is problematic. For the rationalisation of the Company’s commercial and business activity and making it more effective it was evident to establish an organisational form of a higher level, the joint stock company, that was indispensable from the perspective of the more flexible operation and the better harmonisation with the market conditions. Thus as of January 1, 1996 we became a joint stock company. The new company, the FERROÉP Rt. is the legal successor of the FERROÉP Kft.

The company remained in private ownership even after the transformation. The Rt. Is a closed company, the shares are all name-bearing.

By the end of the nineties – in order to be able to deal with the higher quantity of tasks - there was need for capital raise for increasing our assets and the capital strength and for raising our financing possibilities. In 2000 we carried out a significant raise of issued capital. With the capital of HUF 48,000 thousand our assets exceeded HUF 145,000 thousand. This road corresponds to the realisation of the set strategy which results in a profitable, rationally operating business. As of the mid nineties the FERROÉP ZRt. went through huge structural changes which actually keep happening even nowadays. The structural change, the positioning of the main activity in the front and the increased quantity of tasks raised the net revenue of the company above HUF 2 billion as of 2004 and this increase is still growing, and it culminated in the last two years when we exceeded the revenue of HUF 4 billion. In this period the equity of the company kept growing every year in parallel with the revenue which by the end of 2011 exceeded HUF 600 million. This quantity of equity provides a safe background for financing the increased volume of tasks and it is creating the base of the further increase.


As a professional recognition of the decade-long quality work in 1998 we were awarded the Construction Master Prize for the execution of the building machinery of the POSTABANK Rt.’s Regional directorate building in Szeged.

In 2003 on the occasion of the day of constructors CEO Pál Nemesi was honoured to receive a prize from Ministry of Home Affairs (Dr Mónika Lamperth) for the professional activity of outstandingly high quality.

In 2005 our company as for the recognition of the quality assurance results received the South-Plain (Dél-Alföld) Regional Quality Award established by the Chamber of commerce and industry of Csongrád, Bács-Kiskun and Békés counties.

The FERROÉP ZRt. performed the general execution of the machinery and electricity works of the Lombard Lízing Rt. Office building (6720 Szeged, Somogyi u.19). In 2007 the professional judges awarded us the Nívó Díj (Niveau award) for the top-level execution of these works.


The legal predecessor of the company the FERROÉP Kft. was established on January 1, 1990 by 8 private individuals with an equity of HUF 1,300 thousand. The main activity consisted of the construction and building machinery designing and execution.

At the end of 1995 it became evident that the financing and the fund raising are difficult within the Kft. For making the Company’s commercial and business activity more efficient it was evident to establish an organisational form of a higher level, the joint stock company, that was indispensable from the perspective of the more flexible operation and the better harmonisation with the market conditions. As of January 1, 1996 we became a joint stock company. The name of the new company is FERROÉP Rt. operating as the legal successor. The company remained in private ownership even after the restructuring. The closed foundation shares of the Rt. are exclusively name-bearing. The size of the equity was HUF 16,000 thousand, in 1996 we reached the revenue of HUF 435,000 thousand. The number of the employees is 45. Our market positions got stronger by this period which is primarily due to the good work and the meeting of the deadlines. After the change the company modified the main activity which became general execution and main activity.

In 2011 the FERROÉP ZRt. – together with the legal predecessor – can already boast with a 22-year long past. During these years it became one of the significant construction companies of Csongrád county which survived the recess of the early nineties. In 2006 - because of legal requirements - the company’s name changed to FERROÉP Zrt. as a result of the past years’ development our revenue of 2009 exceeded HUF 4 billion. As the result of our professional development and the development of the company we were able to undertake more serious assignments from the perspective of size and complexity. At the top of this development one can see the Liget spa of Újszeged that was inaugurated last year, covering a net useful area of 26,000 m2, and boasting with a specific structure and appearance. The inauguration of this building opened new dimensions in the life of the company and provided a solid ground for undertaking the execution of buildings of similar or bigger size.



The top management of the FERROÉP ZRt. always considered important to be active in the various professional forums. The participation in the work of the professional and community forums is beneficial for both parties. We are able to establish contact with the companies of the same trade and we can enhance our developments with useful information and we are also promoting the professional activity of the forums by sharing our own experience. The above are materialised mostly in he social responsibility of the CEO – Pál Nemesi who is member of the board of the Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Csongrád County , the chairman of the National Association of Employers and Factory industrialists of Csongrád county , and member of the Construction scientific association of Csongrád county .


The FERROÉP ZRt. – since its establishment – has been taking part in supporting the sports and leisure activities, and by supporting the various organisations and schools always played a key role in supporting the charity activities.
At the beginning of and in the mid 2000 years we sponsored – among others – Éva Risztov, future gold-prize winner of the Olympics games in swimming when she still was “only” the winner of the world cup silver prize, the bowling team of the FERROÉP SC of Szeged, the historical exhibition organised in the Village house of Algyő, the publication of the disc of the Blaskó Dixieland Band, the activity of the Fishermen’s Association of Makó, the events of the Homokháti Sokadalom (Crowd) of Mórahalom and the activities of several other foundations, organisations and schools.

Nowadays we keep supporting the sports. In 2011 the FERROÉP ZRt. became the gold-level sponsor of the Pick Szeged’s handball team. The grants (together with the other sponsors’ grants) assure a secure background for the internationally renown and successful Pick Szeged handball team , in this way spreading the good reputation of Szeged in the region and the world.

Also in 2011 the FERROÉP ZRt. became the sponsor of the team of the Mórahalom City Sport Club . Mórahalom pays certain to the football, the team is playing in the first league of Csongrád county. Within a football school it is teaching the talented children at small regional level, in this way the new generation is assured.


- Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park reconstruction of the Mill
- Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park reconstruction of the forester house
- Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park reconstruction of the toilet building
- Várpalota Thury-castle | More
- SZTE Regional Knowledge Transfer and Service Providing Centre | More
- Szeged Zoo Giraffe house | More
- Construction of the children’s spa and sauna world in the Erzsébet Spa in Mórahalom More
- Developing the Spa complex in Újszeged | More
- Mórahalom Öregszéksós school
- Radnóti Theatre facade reconstruction and interior reconstruction
- Szarvas integrated rehabilitation of city centre
- Mórahalom integrated rehabilitation of city centre
- Makó Execution of the swimming school
- Szeged REÖK palace renovation | More
- Jánoshalma Execution of the swimming school
- Szombathely Renovation of the Ice-rink, disc-casting guarding structure
- Szeged Móra Ferenc Museum reconstruction | More
- Szeged Tömörkény István high school | More
- Szeged Zoo Construction of the entry building | More
- Szeged Youth house reconstruction | More
- Szeged Reconstruction of Vedres István High school | More
- Deszk Renovation of school
- Budapest Business College gymnastics hall renovation
- SZTE renovation of the Dóm square’s 7-8-9 | More
- Zsombó Establishing the integrated community space, renovation of the community house
- Zsombó Development of the basic health services
- SZTE Herb-garden renovation of the glass-house
- Balatonszárszó SDG conference building construction | More
- Dabas Kossuth Zsuzsanna Vocational school and gymnastics hall construction | More
- Makó Renovation of the József Attila high school and construction of the gym | More
- Makó Construction of the cultural house „Onion house” | More
- Szeged Caste reconstruction | More
- SZTE Construction of the engineering department | More
- SZTE Construction of pathology | More

- Szeged SZTE Szent-Györgyi Albert Clinical centre construction of a 265-bed clinical centre | More
- Szeged SZTE Szent-Györgyi Albert Clinical centre construction of an SBO helicopter landing strip
- Szatymaz Créche | More
- SZKTT Development of the basic social services | More
- SZTE SZAKK Establishing the Psychiatry clinic | More
- Szeged II. Hospital reconstruction | More
- Szeged Renovation of the small region’s building
- Szeged II. Hospital reconstruction of the kitchen
- Szeged II. Hospital renovation of the ambulance sector
- Berettyóújfalu Hospital reconstruction | More

- Budapest Ferihegy Airport, establishing the SPAR SM 173 TYP shop
- Szeged – establishing the Árkád SPAR SM2000 | More
- Szegedi Vízmű Zrt. construction of the roof area | More
- IKV Zrt. reconstruction of an office building | More
- Makó construction of a bus washer
- MOL Algyői road renovation of the gas station | More
- Budapest Erzsébet boulevard renovation of the SPAR City
- Szeged Szentháromság street renovation of the SPAR shop
- Szeged Establishing the NBSZ office
- Budapest Mester street renovation of the SPAR City
- Mórahalom Construction of the City hall | More
- Mórahalom Contraction of the market hall
- Budapest Szilágyi Erzsébet alley renovation of the SPAR City
- Kecskemét Renovation of the Constitution Office

- Csongrád Development of the Panol-Plusz Kft | More
- IKV Zrt. Reconstruction of the warehouse | More
- MMBF Zrt Szőreg 1 Construction of a safety store of natural gas, compressor building and auxiliary building
- LACLE-OG Kft. Construction of a hall More
- Hódmezővásárhely Establishing the ALUCON hall | More
- Makó ContiTech Fluid Automotive Hungária Kft Construction of the sub-structure of the parking area
- Makó ContiTech Fluid Automotive Hungária Kft Asphalting the parking area
- Almásfüzitő MOL-LUB Kft. Renovation of the 13th laboratory both from architectural and building machinery perspectives

- SZTE, Ötthalmi College
- Szeged Renovation of the Móricz house
- Makó construction of a 27-unit residential building
- Makó Korona Hotel facade works
- Makó Korona Hotel fore-roof execution
- Mórahalom Varga Inn enlarging

- Szeged LOMBARD Lízing Zrt. office building
- Szeged Clinic with medical specialists
- Szeged Castle reconstruction
- Budapest Garibaldi street machinery fitting of flats

- BGF establishing the boiler house
- Makó establishing the incubator house heat pump
- Makó Thermal utilisation of the spa
- Szeged II. Hospital construction of the kitchen’s steam supplying system
- Makó Korona Hotel installing the heated water
- Szentes Tisza Volán Technical site painting workshop’s air-technical system, washing system
- Szeged II. Hospital building the washing system
- Szeged Small region’ multipurpose office reconstruction of the central heating system
- Szeged Tesco Global Zrt’s liquid cooling equipment’s replacement
- Algyő Borbála Spa phase improving installation
- Szeged II. Hospital installation of the AC system
- Budapest Economics College establishing the boiler house on the roof-top terrace


SZTE, hospital of 410 beds, partial renovation of the building

Szentes thermal spa construction of a 50-m long indoor swimming pool and connection corridor, modernisation of the changing room under the stands

Szentes thermal beach renovation, construction of machine room

Szeged downtown and Újszeged construction of geothermal cascade systems

Mórahalom Sports centre construction, phase I

Szeged Construction of the Regional Blood supplying centre

Szeged Plant improving centre machinery and strong current works

Szentes HUNGERIT Zrt preparation of courtyard’s covering

Szeged SZTE Stomatology department construction an obstacle-free clinic in the courtyard

Szeged Szőregi út CBA construction, phase II.

Szentes HUNGERIT ZRT site gate building

Makó Contitech factory, establishing the social building


Preserving the competiveness of the FERROÉP ZRt. through site development


PROJECT PLACE: : 6725 Szeged, Kálvária sgt. 87/B


The FERROÉP ZRt.’s site development project takes place between September 14, 2011 and September 28, 2012, during which the buildings of the seat situated at Kálvária sgt. 87/B are going to be redone and enlarged. The accepted total cost of the project is HUF 218,442,154 out of which HUF 98,834,576 is received from the European Union and through the co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund.


As a result of the more favourable circumstances obtained through the restructuring of the building and creating a new level: improving the services and providing high contraction services at a better level. The objective of the development consists of enlarging the FERROÉP ZRt.’s profile that is creating high added value – main enterprise, technical design, consulting – as well as establishing a new workshop.

As a result of the project an enlargement of 485.69 m2 is being constructed and a building area of the existing 586.06 m2 is being redone. During the redoing of the ground floor’s building area the western wing is being enlarged as far as the lot limit, and the office is going to be enlarged when establishing the upper part of the building. The development requires the public utility systems, light9ing and enlarging the parking lot. The building is being modernised by using a lift and even the renewing energy sources are being used: by constructing a heat-pump.

Due to the bigger seat the FERROÉP ZRT’s management thinks the current 31 people can be employed in the future, and during the 3 years of the project sustenance 11 new employees are going to be hired. The project assures the competitiveness of the company, its capacity to create added value can be increased since the enlarging of the company’s service providing activities (tender plans, licence-related and execution, construction, static, etc plans) take place in the building group that is housing the Company seat. The size of the project was established in such a way that it fits the success of the FERROÉP ZRt.’s business and definitely assures the future development.



Progress of the project between 15.09. 2011 and 30.09. 2011

Progress of the project between 01.10.2011 and 31.10.2011

Progress of the project between 01.11.2011 and 30.11.2011

Progress of the project between 01.12.2011 and 31.12.2011

Progress of the project between 01.01.2012 and 31.03.2012

Progress of the project between 01.02.2012 and 28.02.2012

Progress of the project between 01.03.2012 and 30.03.2012

Progress of the project between 01.04.2012 and 30.04.2012

Progress of the project between 01.05.2012 and 31.05.2012

Progress of the project between 01.06.2012 and 30.06.2012

Progress of the project between 01.07.2012 and 31.07.2012

Progress of the project between 01.08.2012 and 31.08.2012

Progress of the project between 01.09.2012 and 14.09.2012


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